Chronotruck connects
shippers and carriers
in real time

= Available vehicle

Ship your pallets easily: the best rate in 1 click!

Businesses Ship faster for less

Save between 10 and 70% on your shipping budget

In just a few clicks, Chronotruck will find you a reliable carrier

Save time: 100% online quote and contract

Follow each step of your shipment

Carriers With our app, never drive empty again

Increase your monthly income up to €4.000 per truck

Geolocate your drivers for free

Receive Freight Offers near you

Get paid in 15 days

Customers trust Chronotruck

 Chronotruck has helped us to organize our shipments simply and quickly with competitive rates 

 Chronotruck brings us a solution to ensure all our deliveries are performed according to our strong requirement policy 

Chronotruck guarantees optimal quality for your shipments and is a member of the main Freight Carriers' Unions in France

Response rate
Average time to find a driver
France territory Coverage
Average rating of our carriers
Fédération Nationale des Transports Routiers
Transport et Logistique de France
Syndicat National des Transports Légers

How our service works

Instant quotation and order
Instant offer to nearby trucks
One-clic carrier agreement
Real-time shipment geotracking
Instant upload of the delivery receipt
Instant Service notation and invoicing

People are talking about Chronotruck

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 Chronotruck: Freight 2.0. Why it is a success 

Our clients' opinions!

"The prices are among the most competitive that I've been able to get [...] we are notified at every stage of delivery"

Lea P, Event management company

"Easy to use and practical for organizing pallets transport in a few seconds [...] A better price than the other solutions we have looked into"

Loïc L, disc editor

"What's unheard of is having a price instantly [...] Excellent reactivity: generally, a carrier confirms our orders in the next few minutes"

Estelle, professional woodwork enterprise

"To have a price instantly is a huge plus [...] Chronotruck manages everything for us : pallet carefree loading and top-notch updates on delivery"

M. Levy, 5 Petits Poissons

"Competitive prices and no worries from loading to delivery [...] Chronotruck managed everything in our place without our worrying about anything"

M. Hereda, SygmaGroup

"Competitive prices, but before all it's the speed of execution that pleased us [...] The length of time forecast in advance for finding a driver seduced us, it's a real plus for our organization"

Aline Lefebvre, Sem-Diffusion

The opinions of carriers

"Chronotruck allows me to easily fill my vehicles; I take an offer if it interests me, or I skip it, there's no obligation [...] Sending information to our clients which is so important for our service is intuitive and simple to use and doesn't create a duplicate with my internal organization!"


"With Chronotruck, I increase my turnover. Plus, I don't pay a subscription fee [...] I'm put into contact directly with the shipper, unlike freight exchanges! Everything is automated, from the reservation to the payment."

Transport Pedro

"With Chronotruck, I open myself up to clients with whom I would never have been able to work before [...] I also benefit from a totally free geolocation system! The application is very intuitive."

Atlantis Express