Frequently asked questions

Shipper FAQ :

  • question_answer How do I register ?

    No requirement for shippers: you just have to be a legally registered company in a country where Chronotruck operates. Chronotruck manages your shipments in all of France (excluding Corsica and the DOM-TOM) and also from and to Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Monaco, Andorra.

  • question_answer How do you calculate prices?

    The price given as a quotation reflects an at-cost fare which carriers can accept. You may receive different offers from carriers to have a shipment solution whatever the state of the freight market is.

  • question_answer What information should I give when I order?

    All the information we need to ship your goods: pickup address, drop-off address, dimensions and weight of the shipment (including height, width and length or number of pallets on the ground) and the different handling options (tail lift loading, handling by the driver, etc.), as well as the pick-up and delivery time slots you require.

  • question_answer What are the guarantees Chronotruck provides me?

    Chronotruck automatically insures all your commodities for their value up to €50,000 per shipment with AXA. You can ask us to insure your shipment beyond this amount. You also have all the usual guarantees of the General Transport Standard Contract published by the Ministry of Transport and annexed to our General Terms and Conditions for Use. This contract provides for various indemnifications in case of damage, delays, etc. In addition, Chronotruck only uses professional carriers whose authorizations are verified. It is not an unsecured individual who transports your goods.

    What do I have to do to benefit from the insurance of €50,000 euros on my commodities?

    You have nothing to do. If you are located in France and you ship to an insured country (France, Western Europe, Eastern Europe excluding Russia, Ukraine, Belarus/Belorussia), you are automatically insured by Chronotruck and AXA.

    In which case am I insured? At what level?

    For non-deliveries, partial deliveries or property damage to your goods. You are covered on the actual value of the goods, up to €50,000, up to the limit of the invoice’s value for new goods, or the original invoice, having had depreciation inferred for used goods.

    Can I insure beyond €50,000?

    This is possible on a case-by-case basis. Please, contact us when you place your order.

  • question_answer If I forget a piece of information when ordering, what can I do?

    After your demand is accepted, you will have the details of the carrier in charge of your shipment. Feel free to contact him/her to provide any additional information. You can also contact Chronotruck directly.

  • question_answer Until when can I cancel?

    You can cancel whenever you like: with no penalty as long as your demand has not been validated by a carrier; with a minimum penalty of €24,90 excl tax, after a carrier has accepted your quote.

  • question_answer How should the commodities be prepared?

    Carriers who work with Chronotruck do not proceed to the packing of the goods. Merchandise must therefore be packed and filmed if necessary. It must be loaded and unloaded by the carrier or by yourself without having to repackage it. The prepared goods must match the dimensions you specified when ordering.

  • question_answer Who takes care of loading the goods?

    It is the carrier or yourself - depending on the handling options you have chosen. You can choose to load the goods on the truck, with or without a tail lift, by yourself or you can ask the driver to do it himself. Driver-loaded goods are loaded by transpallet.

  • question_answer How should we manage the proof of delivery with Chronotruck?

    The proof of delivery is handled on a regular basis. It is prepared by the carrier who will request a signature upon pick up and a signature upon delivery. As for any transport governed by the Standard General Contract of the Ministry of Transport, you can have some reservations if a problem occurs or if any doubts exist when shipping. On arrival, the driver will take a picture of the signed Delivery Voucher. It will be available a few seconds later on your member area on Chronotruck's website. This will allow you to check that everything proceeded rather smoothly or rather the opposite, to report a problem.

  • question_answer When am I billed and debited?

    The invoice is issued upon delivery if everything proceeded smoothly or after the dispute resolution is resolved, in case of problems. You pay according to the chosen payment option, up to 30 days later by transfer to the Chronotruck account indicated on the invoice. Chronotruck remit the funds of the service to the carrier after deducting its margin between 0 and 20%, according to the difficulty of the task.

  • question_answer What happens in case of dispute?

    In case of dispute, you inform us on the site and we operate to verify what happened. We ask the carrier as well as the people who organized the pick up and the receipt of the commodities. We examine the proof of delivery and the reservations included therein. We take all the cases provided for by the Standard General Contract of the Ministry of Transport and our AXA insurance contract into account. We compensate cases provided by this insurance at the value of the commodities (up to €50,000). We can also decide to adjust the service according to the penalties stipulated in our General Terms and Conditions for Use, allowing you to be compensated directly by Chronotruck in the various cases expected (delay, damage, etc.).

    What kind of documents should I need to send to activate the insurance on the value of goods?

    You must report any dispute to Chronotruck as soon as possible, send us your letter of complaint by registered mail indicating all the circumstances of the problem, along with a copy of the proof of delivery (with reservations for cases of partial delivery or damage), no later than 72 hours after the delivery, as well as the invoice of the goods.

  • question_answer Are all carriers on your site reliable?

    Yes, because all the pieces of information provided are verified during registration on our site:

    • identity of the company and the manager
    • check of their presence in the register of carriers of the DREAL (or equivalent in countries outside France) which includes: professional integrity (no conviction), financial capability (sufficient capital), professional capacity (degree or exam), real establishment.

    The carriers accept our TOS and must provide these documents on request. They submit to the General Standard Contract published by the Ministry of the Transport, and to our dispute resolution system as per Chronotruck management process. We can exclude them from the platform in the event of an unresolved problem. They are rated by customers at the end of the services. All this guarantees a high reliability of the referenced carriers.

  • question_answer What happens if the carrier does not show up or is late for the appointment?

    You can follow-up with the carrier because you have his contact details. In case of prolonged delay, you can cancel the service or choose to be compensated with a reduction of the price of the service, as defined in our TOS.

  • question_answer What types of commodities may I ship?

    All types of commodities. You can let us know if these commodities are unusual when placing the order. However, for the moment, Chronotruck does not work with specialized carriers such as refrigerated lorries or concrete mixers.

  • question_answer How am I informed that the goods have arrived?

    Via its smartphone, the Carrier can advise you of his arrival at the place of delivery in real time. You are instantly advised by e-mail.

  • question_answer How is Chronotruck paid?

    Chronotruck takes a margin on the services provided through it. You pay a total price including Chronotruck margin.

  • question_answer Can I send commodities abroad?

    For now, you can send your shipments in France (excluding Corsica and DOM - TOM), Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Monaco and Andorra. Soon, we will open the service to other neighboring countries.

  • question_answer Am I able to choose a carrier?

    No, the selected carrier is the one that accepts your request first. However, all carriers that are present on the Chronotruck site are professionals whose identity and professional capacity are verified.

  • question_answer Can I get a quote before booking a shipment?

    Yes, we give you our rate in real-time before the confirmation by your care. Our simulator on our home page also gives you a price range if you do not know the addresses or the exact options you desire.

  • question_answer How can you find carriers when the market is tight?

    Chronotruck works with thousands of connected carriers. They receive all shipments compatible with their fleet. When the market is tight, they may give you offers for different prices or dates.

  • question_answer Am I able to evaluate a carrier?

    Yes, after each service, we ask you to evaluate the carrier and the quality of the service rendered. We manage disputes that you report, and we will exclude a carrier that would have too many claims.

  • question_answer Does your platform calculate the drivers' regulatory break time?

    The calculation of this time is the responsibility of carriers with whom we work. When placing an order, you specify the desired loading slot, the slot for drop-off, and it is the responsibility of the carrier to verify that the conditions allow him to respect these breaks.

  • question_answer What benefits does Chronotruck give me that a usual carrier does not?

    Drivers' availability and more competitive prices: we provide you in time real with a price - which is much more interesting than most of the express carriers' fares, because the carriers we work with are ready to work on a return rate basis. We request them instantly via their smartphones, and they can accept your demand immediately. Generally, we can find you a better rate in real-time with a verified and seasoned professional who is used to work for our clients.

  • question_answer What are the benefits of working with Chronotruck?

    Better rates and a better responsiveness than with your usual carrier or any other express carrier. We work with checked and seasoned carriers who are used to work through our platform.

  • question_answer Who sets the price?

    Chronotruck sets prices with its algorithms - taking into account the different costs of transportation. By removing the usual middlemen and by referencing carriers in empty return situations, we allow you to benefit from very competitive return rates - up to 70% lower than those of an express carrier - while allowing for the carriers to monetize their trucks. We compress the margins.

  • question_answer I don't have the same rate for a load on pallets or not-palletized merchandise, even if this represents the same surface?

    This can indeed happen. Our algorithm calculates how to optimise the space according to the type of vehicle. For example, 6 pallets in 100x120cm pallets can go in a light 20m3 vehicle that is 360cm long and 200cm wide, whereas in a bigger truck, they will occupy 300cm by 240cm. They will therefore occupy less length of the vehicle in the case of a bigger truck and will benefit from a more advantageous rate. It is therefore very important to accurately enter your loading to get the best, optimized rate.

  • question_answer How does the payment take place?

    The payment terms are detailed on the Chronotruck website at the time of acceptance of the cost estimate. Under no circumstances shall the sender pay the carrier directly without going through the terms of payment made available to them by the platform. Only payment through the platform guarantees the parties the opportunity to benefit from Chronotruck services before, during and after the service. *.

Carrier FAQ :

  • question_answer What is the concept of Chronotruck?

    Chronotruck is a platform that connects shippers looking to send commodities with carriers who have some availability in their vehicle. Chronotruck allows you to fill or complete your loadings, in real time, when you're on the road, to make your trips more profitable. With your smartphone, you can see the available loadings nearby, the prices offered and you can accept them in one click.

  • question_answer Are there any special requirements for registering?

    You must be a professional carrier, duly registered in the registry of carriers of the Regional Directorate for Environment, Development and Housing (DREAL). This makes it possible to authenticate your identity and your professional capacity to your future customers using Chronotruck. Your contractual liability must cover you for a minimum of €50,000 per claim and per event with respect to the transported commodities entrusted to your care. A proof of this cover can be requested and shall, in such a case, be provided within 48 hours subject to exclusion from the platform.

  • question_answer Is Chronotruck open to freight forwarder?

    If you are a freight forwarder, you can register as a customer and search for subcontractors on the Chronotuck platform. The Chronotruck General Terms and Conditions for Use will apply between you and these subcontractor carriers and you keep your contractual liabilities towards your end customer.

  • question_answer What is the margin of Chronotruck?

    It is generally between 0% and 20% of the amount of transportation excluding options, depending on the difficulty of the task.

  • question_answer How much money can I possibly make with Chronotruck?

    Some of our active carriers earn up to €4,000 per vehicle per month. We develop the service every day a little more, to be able to offer dozens of daily shipment opportunities to our partners carriers, in order to allow you to never be unloaded, especially when you are in a situation of return. Our prices are based on transport costs usually published by professional organizations such as the National Road Committee. Thus, you are sure to never lose money and make your vehicle profitable by using Chronotruck.

    Who sets prices?

    Chronotruck sets the prices with its algorithms that take into account the cost of transport, usually published by professional organizations such as the National Road Committee. This way, you are sure to never lose money and make your vehicle a paying concern by using Chronotruck. But if the price does not suit you, you can make a counter-proposal that the customer can accept.

    The suggested price or dates do not suit me: What can I do?

    Sometimes you are too far away from a loading for the price to be profitable or dates do not allow you to arrive on time. You can make a counter-proposal to the customer in your member area, by changing the price and/or the dates. The customer will be free to accept your proposal if it’s the most interesting.

  • question_answer What type of vehicle do I need?

    All Vehicles with a Community License (Heavy Goods Vehicles or superweight trucks) or inland Transport Licence (VUL). Chronotruck offers its clients to transport loads between 50 kg and 24 tons: So, whether you have a light vehicle or a semi-trailer, you can always find tasks on Chronotruck. Ideally, you need a tail lift and a transpallet. If you do not have one, check the cost estimate carefully if the client has requested it in the options chosen.

  • question_answer How shall the commodities be prepared?

    Carriers working with Chronotruck do not pack the commodities. The latter must be packed and stacked if necessary. It must be able to be loaded and unloaded by the carrier or yourself without having to re-pack, by transpallet, scotch cart or dolly. The prepared commodities must match the dimensions you specified when ordering. Finally, Chronotruck does not manage deliveries to individuals or removals.

  • question_answer Who handles the loading of the commodities?

    It depends on the choice of the customer: He decides to handle it himself or asks to the driver to cope with it, with a vehicle having a tail lift or not, as part of the cost estimate. Carefully check what the customer asked when accepting a cost estimate to be sure to have the necessary tools (tail lift, transpallet)

  • question_answer What should I do if the client has chosen options?

    Carefully check the options selected on the cost estimate (loading or delivery times slots, loading with tail lift, by the driver, etc.) and make sure you are able to respect these options, especially by checking that your vehicle is well adapted (tail lift, transpallet) and that your journey allows you to respect the schedules.

  • question_answer How can I find available loadings?

    All you have to do is log in on the Chronotruck platform with a computer or on your smartphone with your login details, and to go to your personal space. With your smartphone, you will receive direct notifications of offers around you.

  • question_answer How should we manage the proof of delivery with Chronotruck?

    The proof of delivery is handled in the usual way. It is prepared by the carrier who will request a signature at the pick up and a signature upon delivery. As for any transport governed by the Standard Contract of the Ministry of Transport, you can make reservations in case of problems or doubts during shipping. On arrival, via the application on your smartphone, you can take a picture of the signed Delivery Voucher. It will be available a few seconds later on the Chronotruck platform. This allows your client and Chronotruck to verify that everything proceeded rather smoothly or rather the opposite, to report a problem.

  • question_answer What happens in case of dispute?

    In case of dispute, you inform us on the site or the customer does it and we intervene to check what happened. We interview the customer and the carrier, as well as the people who organized the pick up and reception of the goods. We study the delivery note and the reservations contained therein. We appreciate all the cases provided for by the Standard General Contract of the Ministry of Transport. Also, we can decide to adjust the service according to the penalties envisaged by our General Terms and Conditions for Use and this contract which allows you to be compensated directly by Chronotruck in the foreseen cases, or to increase billing if the responsibility lies with the customer. Conversely, you keep all the responsibilities provided by these Terms and the General Contract and you agree to indemnify the various cases provided.

  • question_answer When and how am I paid?

    You get paid by bank wire issued by Chronotruck. We pay you after you have issued of your invoice, no later than 30 days after delivery. If you follow all of the steps in your member area to inform the customer in real-time, you are paid even faster: 15 days after delivery for the added focus on quality!

  • question_answer Who does issue the Invoice?

    The customer invoice is issued by Chronotruck as commissionnaire and the debtor is the customer. As a carrier, you send your bill to Chronotruck, which pays you at the latest 30 days.

  • question_answer Where can I download the application?

    The application Chronotruck drivers is available for Android on the Google Play Store, and for iOS in the AppleStore

  • question_answer What if the app does not work?

    Check that you are properly connected to the Internet. Quit the application for a few seconds and restart it. If it still does not work, turn off your smartphone, then turn it back on and restart the application while connected to the Internet. Also, make sure you have the latest updated version of the application.

  • question_answer Does your platform calculate the drivers’ statutory break time?

    No, the integration of this break time is the responsibility of the carrier. When validating a cost estimate, please check the expected loading slot, the arrival time slot and make sure that the expected time allows you to respect these breaks. If in doubt, it is better not to accept the quote or make or another proposal of dates.

  • question_answer What kind of documents are needed for registration?

    You must specify the complete identity of your company and also accept our General Terms and Conditions for Use where you declare to be duly registered in the register of carriers of the Regional Directorate for Environment, Development and Housing. Chronotruck can verify your presence on the lists or ask you to provide the documents for this registration. If you refuse, Chronotruck may terminate your registration on the site: make sure you have these documents. When validating a cost estimate, if you have not already done accordingly, you must indicate the identity of the driver and his vehicle (registration): make sure that this vehicle has a duly issued license. Refusing to show these documents or to send a copy to Chronotruck may terminate your registration.

  • question_answer Can I cancel a cost estimate validated before?

    Yes, but this may result in a penalty to compensate for the loss of your client. This penalty is progressive depending on the time remaining before beginning that service and is a minimum of 24.90 € HT.

  • question_answer How long are the cost estimates valid?

    The customer indicates the maximum validity period of his request. It is specified on the cost estimate: if the offer suits you, you shall hurry to validate it before it expires or another carrier validates it for you.