Your Carrier Data

The data used helps us to provide better services to you every day

  • To perform the most accurate addressing of offers you are interested in, depending on your geolocation or your habits, or your operational bases
  • To track shipments, step by step, for our common customers
  • Thanks to this data, customers are more satisfied and you increase your turnover

We only use the data which relates to our customers

  • You enter exactly the same information into your Transport Management System every day
  • ...but with our mobile app, your Transport Management System is in your pocket!
  • Your geolocation data is only used when you are connected: "available" status to receive offers or when you are completing a mission for us
  • We don’t use your geolocation for shipments not booked for and via Chronotruck
  • Logout and login again whenever you want, to find some Freight
  • We abide by all of the obligations under the CNIL declaration (French Data Protection Autority)

You don't really want to use the app ? So just pick up some freight directly from the web!

  • You can always find some available freight from our website without using the mobile app
  • Please provide appropriate validation of the delivery steps from your member space in order to be well rated by the customers

We protect your data, it belongs to you

  • Our servers and data are hosted in a SOC 1 type 2 security system and ISO 27001 certification data centre
  • There’s no data storage on in-house servers (including personal computers) to prevent personal data theft (in case of offices’ break-in)
  • Access to our servers is restricted by SSH keys, with only 2 people of the IT department having the authorization to connect to them
  • Our hosting service provider is PCI DSS-certified
  • We don’t grant any access to public or tax administration, nor to any government or other third-parties

Safety starts with good practice

  • All our associates are subject to an internal data management process, including mail server management
  • A Disaster Recovery Plan in case of computer failure has been established
  • We have a dedicated team to the General Data Protection Regulation
  • Threats detection on a live basis and all our native and underlying network infrastructures protection is top priority for us