Safely ship

Chronotruck and AXA guarantee your commodities up to €50,000 per shipment, on demand*

*included on every shipment made before 01/01/2023

Your commodities are insured by

Your commodities are insured by
How does it work?

This insurance proposed* to you for every expedition on Chronotruck. It covers the value of your property up to €50,000 for many cases:


  • Partial delivery or damage: your commodities are damaged or partially destroyed during transportation...

  • Non-delivery: your goods have been stolen after the carrier took them over or your goods have been destroyed in an accident involving the truck.

  • This, up to the limit of the conditions set out in the agreement. Thanks to the partnership between Chronotruck and AXA, you can ship your commodities safely, benefiting from guarantees among the best in the market.

*included on every shipment made before 01/01/2023

New or used goods that you ship under appropriate packaging and usage for all travel in France, Western Europe, Eastern Europe (except Russia, Ukraine, Belarus)

For new insured property : invoice value of property purchased or sold up to a limit of €50.000

For used insured property : original sales invoice value, having had depreciation inferred for (new value - 10% for a seniority of - 2 years, -20% at - 3 years, -30% at - 4 years, -40% to - 5 years, -50% to - 10 years, no guarantee possible beyond) within the limit of €50.000.

In case of non-delivery: registered letter of complaint to Chonotruck from the 15th day following the expected date of delivery, accompanied by the invoice of purchase, sale or replacement of the goods.

In case of partial delivery or with material damage: provide a copy of the consignment note mentioning the reservations relating to missing and / or damaged packages and the type of damage suffered. Confirm to Chronotruck these reserves by registered letter within 72 hours after the day of delivery, accompanied by the invoice of purchase, sale or replacement of the goods.

Are excluded:

  • the shippers located outside French territory
  • the costs related to the property loss of use
  • the prohibited goods or activities, including sanctions, restrictions, total or partial embargoes or prohibitions provided for by laws and regulations
  • the goods described in article 2.3.3 of the general terms and conditions of the insurance agreement, in particular jewelery, valuables..., supports... transfer of funds and payment, high fashion, furs..., works of art, documents..., perishable goods and products, live animals, motor vehicles...
  • the other cases provided for in the general terms and conditions of the insurance contract.
In case of incident

absolutely declare the problem on the consignment note - delivery slip and confirm it to Chronotruck by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within 3 days. Contact us in any case by e-mail and telephone to warn us and follow all stages of compensation.


  • question_answer What do I have to do to benefit from the insurance of €50,000 euros on my commodities?
    You just have to select this option when placing your order. If you are located in France and you ship to a covered country (France, Western Europe, Eastern Europe excluding Russia, Ukraine, Belarus), you are automatically covered by Chronotruck and AXA.
  • question_answer In which case am I insured? At what level?
    For non-deliveries, partial deliveries or property damage to your goods. You are covered on the actual value of the goods, up to €50,000, up to the limit of the invoice’s value for new goods, or the original invoice, having had depreciation inferred for used goods.
  • question_answer Can I insure beyond €50,000?
    Unfortunately, our insurance does not allow us to insure goods for an amount greater than €50,000.
  • question_answer What kind of documents should I need to activate the insurance on the value of property?
    You must report any dispute to Chronotruck as soon as possible, send us your letter of complaint by registered mail indicating all the circumstances of the problem, along with a copy of the proof of delivery (with reservations for cases of partial delivery or damage), no later than 72 hours after the delivery, as well as the invoice of the goods.